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10 November 2017

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14 November 2017

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Devi on 7962
Nice fish in the fish tank :))) Have a nice weekend :)

Hiro on 7962
interesting combination. nice point of view.

Mhelene on 7962
Beautiful composition and colors .

STEED on 7962
I Love the way you "puzzle" your pictures,Ehsan ....Playing with reflections and gaming through the glass ...

omid on 7962
مثل همیشه نگاه جستجوگر و ثبت لحظه ی جاااالب ... ترکیب، رنگها و ...

Rick on 7962
A lot of great elements to this image! I like your timing and composition very much.

Steven on 7962
An eye-catching tail this fish has!

Lewis on 3447
A fun framed photo!

fateme@@ on 7546
بوکه ها چقدر جالب شده اند

fateme@@ on 3447
ترکیب عالی

Hiro on 3447
Nice point of view, nice point of finger ?

omid on 3447
خخخخخخ ... خیلی خیلی جاااااااااااااااالب شده :)

Rick on 3447
VERY artistic. A great composition with immediate visual impact.

Adela Fonts on 3447
Great shot! 5*****

Mhelene on 3447
Wow...Superb composition !!

Gérard on 3447
Well done and very strange : superb !

STEED on 3447
I Love this new creation,Ehsan..For the originality,for the mix of geometrical forms against a style which makes me ...

Existence Artistique on 3447

Steven on 3447
An eye-catching PoV that makes the person seem miniscule compared to the hand!

Martine Libouton on 3447
Très bien fait ! J'adore !!!

Devi on 3447
how lovely this has turned out to be !!! Looks as if you have shrunk him into a short man with a magic in that one ...

Lewis on 7546
I like the cat too, how he quickly tries to get some place.

Mhelene on 7546
Beautiful composition .I like the cat going under !

rem_la on 7546
superbe scene

omid on 7546
ثبت لحظه ی جالب و قشنگ ... ترکیب، نورها و سایه های زیبا

Steve Rice on 7546
An interesting scene in the park. I see a cat running to get fed.

Martine Libouton on 7546
Très belle composition! j'aime beaucoup

Adela Fonts on 7546
Fantastic image In the precise moment. I love the silhouette of the cat that runs by ...!

Rick on 7546
I like the black and white mood and your compositional timing to include some feline mystery is also great.

STEED on 7546
Your pictures are always impressive,Ehsan : a central subject,and the details all around ...Nice expression for a nice ...

Steven on 7546
Excellent tones and contrasts captured in this shot!

Existence Artistique on 7546
oh marrant le chat qui passe

Gérard on 7546
Superb, just in time !

Devi on 7546
I like that cat vanishing under the table !

Hiro on 7546
What is he doing ?

Behnaz Assadi on 7582
خیلی خوبه

Mhelene on 3146
Superb framing !!

mohammad on 2948
باز هم احسان جان تکنیک در کنارِ نوآوری و خلاقیت عکس های خیابانیت ...

Hiro on 3146
Nicely arranged !

Hiro on 3146
interesting scene

Lewis on 3146
Fabulous shot of the 'twins' and man in front of the toilet truck. Great composition.

Devi on 3146
nice picture !

Mhelene on 3146
A superb composition !

Martine Libouton on 3146
Une très belle prise! j'aime

grouser on 3146
Well composed :)

Gérard Flayol on 3146
It's sport to go to the toilet !

Nicou on 3146
Ces trois personnages ces lignées sur le sol les courbes en fond quelle iamge et compo fantastique amitié

Adela Fonts on 3146
Good diagonal!

omid on 3146
عجب عکس جالبی ... کجاست که اینها با لباس یکسان و دمپایی هستند؟

STEED on 3146
Excellent shot once more,Ehsan,with these curious spirals we imagine cannibals and ready to catch and eat these poor ...

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