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18 April 2018

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14 November 2017

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mohammad on 9002
چیدمانِ اجزای عکس آن را شاخص و نمونه کرده مخصوصا" گیرة لباس ، ...

fereshteh. on 9002
جزییات عالی

STEED on 9002
Each picture as a puzzle,always,with something of Magritte's paintings ........Excellent,Ehsan .....*****

Wayra on 9002
Interesting composition indeed.

fateme@@ on 8060
چه کادر فوق العاده ای

fateme@@ on 9140

fateme@@ on 9002

Eye for Beauty on 9002

Gérard Flayol on 9002
I think that's a good report portrait !

Mhelene on 9002
Superb composition and colors .

Lewis on 9002
A beautiful austere mood.

Ruthiebear on 9002
Composed thoughtfully

Ana Lúcia on 9002
I love the composition you have chosen here.

grouser on 9002
dynamic composition that works despite everything pointing out of the frame

Harry on 9002
a fine informal portrait

Steve Rice on 9002
An excellent portrait of the man and his room. It has a timeless quality.

Steven on 9002
Great capture of a well-bearded man! I bet his grows incredibly fast.

omid on 9002
ثبت و سوژه ی خیلی خیلی جالب و قشنگ ... ترکیب، ...

Lewis on 9140
beautifully lit spaces, I like that door and the mystery.

Ruthiebear on 9140
Dramatic and intriguing

STEED on 9140
A New curiousity,as You're a Specialist now .....A little Kafkaian as tells Grouser,above ...A picture as found in ...

Mhelene on 9140
Wonderful composition and superb B&W !

grouser on 9140
marvellous Kafkaesque image

LïlyBakhshi on 9140
راستش این عکسو در صفحه اصلی سایت دیدم فکر می کردم عکاسش خارجی ...

LïlyBakhshi on 7776
کار بسیار زیبا و خیال انگیزی شده.. عالی

Gérard on 9140
An other superb strange shot !

Harry on 9140
mysterious strangers

omid on 9140
باز هم یه کار فوق العــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــاده و شگفت ...

Existence Artistique on 9140

Steven on 9140
An interesting composition that has me pondering. Nice use of dramatic lighting.

mohammad on 9140
باز هم درخشان و ماندگار می توانستی در شاخه مفهومی جایش بدهی احسان ...

Steve Rice on 9140
A very curious image. I like it a lot.

k@ on 8060
Exxxxxcellent framing ;)

Colin at Eyeconic on 3036
Well done - colours and light are superb

Colin at Eyeconic on 8060
superbly put together - well done on a top class image

omid on 8060
باز هم یه کار خیلی خوب و شگفت انگیــــــــــــــــــــــــز ... ...

Wayra on 8060
A so particular composition! Well done!

Steve Rice on 7776
Incredible image!

Steve Rice on 8060
Wow, that's spooky! ;-)

grouser on 8060
an excellent surreal image

Steven on 8060
A somewhat haunting image with those hands! A very unique composition!

Lewis on 8060
Great and terrifying at the same time)

Mhelene on 8060
Superb and original ! Splendid composition ...frightened...suspense or horror ...

Ruthiebear on 8060
Thoughtfully composed - like a scene from a movie.

STEED on 8060
Crazyness more and more,here,Ehsan !!!! Nothin' can stop now,it's clear ....Another originallity,a ...

Eye for Beauty on 8060

Hiro on 8060
Excellent originality !!!!

mohammad on 8060
چیدمانِ اِلمان های تصویر کاملا" حرفه ایست و نتیجه درخشان و ...

Existence Artistique on 8060

Gérard Flayol on 8060
Superb and GENIUS this creation 5*

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